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Lime Based Paint

We primarily use lime paints and washes because of how they please our aestetic taste buds. These finishes, whether used along with plasters or alone, are able to express a feeling of old European architectural qualities better than any other paint-like finish. Being one of the absolute oldest decorative finishes in the world, we are extremely happy to see the growing use. Lime paints and washes are showing up in all styles of construction, from green traditional to victorian and mountain, and even modern where architects and designers has seen the the amazing effects of using soft natural architectural finishes with the hard industrial materials.

Lime washes and paints are unique in many ways, one is the multi-layered application process that produces a very intricate crystalline structure, which is one of the primary causes for its soft bounce of light.
Another is its anti fungal and anti bacterial nature due to its high alkalinity.
It is very easy to see, that these finishes play a huge role in the impression people get when visiting the great European cathedrals, and we are very happy to help you create some of that in your home.